The GASLOCK universal LCD gear display knob for manual gearboxes sets a clear accent for improved styling in the vehicle, greater safety while on the move, and greater efficiency in terms of consumption. The INDY-CATOR is the ideal accessory for drivers with sporting ambitions who always want to keep a tight rein on the controls of their vehicle.

It is available in a number of different variants and can thus be adapted to any interior with ease. The installation of the INDY-CATOR in the onboard network is just as easy as its programming, which is supported with easy-to-follow instructions for use. Anyone who has ever driven with the INDY-CATOR will never want to do without this additional feature in their car ever again. Try it for yourself!

The new edition “BLACK” has a soft touch surface and a satin-chrome plated aluminium ring. This style fits perfect to any interior style.

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All you need to know about the Tuning-Highlight

The INDY-CATOR is the ideal accessory for the sporty driver who wants effective control over his vehicle at all times.