The new INDY-CATORs have arrived! INDY-CATOR-G, INDY-CATOR-DASH and INDY-CATOR-VOLT are each available in two different housing and ring variants. Whether you choose black gloss, satin-chrome plated, or matt black with soft-touch surface, all three devices can be combined to meet your individual requirements.

Following the extremely simple calibration process, the INDY-CATOR-G indicates G-force on corners, when accelerating and braking, the INDY-CATOR-DASH shows the currently selected gear and the INDY-CATOR-VOLT displays the current charging level of the battery. A wide range of display colors is available and the color can be chosen to match the lighting scheme on the car’s indicator panel.


All you need to know about the Tuning-Highlight

The INDY-CATOR is the ideal accessory for the sporty driver who wants effective control over his vehicle at all times.